A win-win partnership

We have a unique outlook on partnerships with startups and entrepreneurs.

  • We are not looking for acquisitions
  • We are not a venture capital/corporate venture
  • We are not only a distributor
  • We are not an incubator

We offer real collaborative agreements in order to co-create, co-develop and boost your product commercialization.

We believe that successful collaborations happen
when everyone stays independent and each entity retains its DNA

Key WeHealth Digital Medicine
metrics for 2018


Meetings with startups


Startups screened and assessed around the world


Countries represented in our startup pool


Ongoing partnerships

Our value proposal for startups

Financial support

  • To accelerate development
  • A team dedicated to the project
  • Co-creation

A network of stakeholders

  • Startups and an ecosystem of partners (KOLs, services providers...)

Leverage ecosystem

  • International expertise
  • Network assets to co-build and distribute

Highly efficient strategy

  • From idea to commercialization (<3 years)
  • Worldwide exclusity
  • Distribution license including data analysis

Keep your DNA

  • No equity
  • Resources dedicated to products

A long-term partnership

  • Face-to-face commitment to succeed medical, economic, and societal values

3 steps to become partners

We are looking for innovators, people with a vision who are deeply committed to transforming the way healthcare is being delivered, answering patient's needs and making their solution a commercial success.

Before diving deeper into partnership discussions we ask that interested parties send us a non-confidential pitch containing the value proposition as well as additional information on their company and possible synergies with WeHealth activities.

What we look for when assessing a partnership

Management: We analyze qualitative data point, from entrepreneurial skills to the ability to efficiently execute a growth plan.

The project: Alongside the business model and traditional traction, we examine customer pain and what is innovative about the solution (technology, intellectual property, use case, etc...), technological complexity, international ambitions, execution speed, ability to finance development and security issues.

The market: Beyond the market sizing, we focus on measuring the ability for a young venture to expand its operations within its environment and evaluate power relations between stakeholders as well as the market appetite for innovation (level of competition, maturity and time to market).


We organize joint meetings to present and share our respective visions for the project and how we could work together


We go over the development plan, construct the potential business model and business plan, assess the target market for the co-developed solution


We work together on building the partnership and, approve immediate financing needed to start working on co-development

Would you like to become a partner?