Open innovation: to identify the best solutions and services 

Innovating in the health field requires a team of internal experts to develop solutions in cooperation with start-ups and strategic partners to find the most innovative digital solutions.

Create better value and improved user experiences with strategic partnership

What are we looking for?

Strategic partners with whom we can succeed and deliver superior customer service.


Accelerate development
Foster early adoption
Work on data analytics


Innovate with end users
Test and learn/feedback


Identify startups
Enhance network
Share best practices

Why do we need strategic partners?

Foster the development of the WeHealth Digital Medicine portfolio

Envision the next future of medicine

Build the WeHealth brand

About the strategic partners

We are looking for strategic partners throughout the world who have a vision based on patients' well-being and are working within our therapeutic areas.

We are looking for partners with whom we can co-create and co-develop together.

Our value propositions

To help you to accomplish your goals

To give you access to our Group's reputation-use it to your advantage

To going further together in the exploration of digital healthcare solutions

Our strategic partners

Logo partner

Would you like to become a strategic partner?