New technologies: new possibilities for healthcare

New technologies applied to health field (telemedicine, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence…) offer new possibilities to redesigned and improve the patient’s journey and support healthcare professionals.

As the e-health department of Servier Group, our role is to support this digital revolution, by delivering innovative e-solutions alongside pharmaceuticals.

Bring value to the whole health care system

We wish to co-build tomorrow’s healthcare, designing service-based approaches inspired by new technologies.

Our goal: to provide innovative and concrete solutions, corresponding to the needs of patients and health professionals.

Co-constructing quality and secure solutions for the benefit of patients

More than a requirement, offering patients secure, high-quality e-health solutions is an absolute necessity.

We are commiting to respect with our partners, the 3 following components:

1. Confidentiality and protection of patient data collected

2. Computer, software and hardware security

3. Health safety

Creating partnership with innovative players

The launch of innovative digital health solutions is not limited to meeting these two fundamental criteria.

Health innovations present many other challenges: adoption, customization, scalability, regulatory concerns, and more.

Aware of all these parameters, as varied as they are complex, intended to best satisfy the end user, we wish to support innovative players who share our values and requirements for the good of the patient.

Innovating with two kinds of partners

We are looking for two types of partners:

Start-ups: to co-develop solutions

Strategic partners: in order to set up together an environment favourable to open innovation and adoption of disruptive solutions.

Innovating in digital healthcare

Our expertise & value proposition

In a partnership, we provide our partners with counsel on our different areas of expertise: scientific, medical, technical, legal, regulatory, marketing, communication and commercial, covering the whole value chain (innovate with end users and patients, learn-by-doing, feedbacks…).

We also share our international experts and strategic partners (such as institutions, incubators and patients societies), link to the therapeutic areas.

Our value proposition aims to accelerate the development, the clinical adoption and the distribution of digital innovations throughout the world.

Our 3 therapeutic areas of expertise

Innovating digital healthcare heart

Our technological interests

Below are our current technology areas of interest.


Through these technological innovations, we want to collect raw data from patients (then anonymized) in order to process them in a secure way in order to valorize them.