Our 5 convictions


You are at the center of the new medicine approach focus on the concept of patient journey.


You have a key role to play in improving your healthcare.


Your engagement in your own health, contribute to optimize and to accelerate your healing process.


The right digital tools can help you become more empowered. They may allow you to better understand, control and manage your disease, on a daily basis.


Sharing your data with your physician is based on trust and allows personalized care in the hope of obtaining better outcomes.

Take care of your health!

Here are the 3 main focus actions to be engaged in your health

Know how to act better

Learn about the modifiable risk factors to better manage them

In order to control your disease and learn to live with it over the long term, you need to understand it and know what factors you may  influence. Reliable digital content of therapeutic education can help you increase your knowledge of prevention.

The main actions: knowing and adopting the right behaviour to better control your disease.

Reach your goals

Use digital tools to help you achieve your personalized goals.

Changing behaviour, especially if it has become a habit, is not easy. This decision requires a great deal of motivation and commitment.

We recommend you to be supported in this process. For example, do not hesitate to use mobile applications that encourage you to reach your goals through a personalized program. Once done, you must not give up on your efforts and make sure you maintain your good habits.

Be an engaged patient: know how to act better
Be an engaged patient: communicate more with your physician

Communicate more with your physician

Share your data to optimize your personalized treatment and follow-up. Talk to your physician about getting access to remote patient monitoring and whether it is right for you.

Digital tools, applied to health, may allow you to get closer to your physician and optimize your healthcare management.

Here are a few examples:

  • Create your secure Electronic Health Record [EHR] (storage, confidentiality, anonymity) in order to share your key health data with the healthcare professionals of your choice and obtain better personalized care.
  • Request your e-prescription renewal by secured email exchange with your doctor.
  • Make, change or cancel your appointment with your doctor on a secured site.
  • Perform a remote consultation if it simplifies your life (travel, schedule, etc.).
  • Use a tracking or telemonitoring tool to manage record your key health indicators and share them with your doctor for better follow-up.

Be engaged in your own health!

To encourage you to empower your health with digital tools
WeHealth™ Digital Medicine informs you on digital health in the following areas:
e-Cardiology (heart disease), e-Oncology (cancers) and e-Metabolism (metabolic diseases such as diabetes, or hypercholesterolemia).