Metabolic Diseases: a global burden



are overweight (BMI> or = 25).
Of these, more than 650 million are obese (BMI > or = 30)1.


Million people

People worldwide have diabetes, that is 1 in 11 people2.

What is e-metabolism?

e-metabolism or “metabolic technology” is the term used to describe all the digital tools (mobile applications, devices and software…) designed to better monitor your patients suffering from metabolic disorders and help you make better clinical decisions3.

Our 5 convictions about metabolic disorders

Patient’s journey needs to be improved.

Prevention of patients suffering from metabolic disorders must be a priority.

Innovations in digital health hold great promise for improving the quality and experience of metabolic care.

Patients are willing to adopt new health tools that promote prevention and allow for better follow-up4.

e-Metabolism tools are designed to better monitor your patients and help you make better clinical decisions.

Connected HCP: health problem

3 main possibilities offered by digital innovations in metabolic care


Encourage your patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle & self-manage their disease


Digital medicine, digital research and artificial intelligence


Share data continuously

How to improve patients care?

Connected HCP: healthy lifestyle

2 tools which could support your practice of metabolic disorders

Encourage your patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle & self-manage their disease

Recommend health and follow-up Apps that promote healthy lifestyle and disease self-management.

Example: Application of “personalized e-coaching” according to the objectives to be reached. Losing weight, exercising regularly, adopting a healthy diet (precise and personalized nutrition program thanks to the prediction of glycemic responses)

Use the power of artificial intelligence & save time

Automated diagnosis (Accurate diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and other complications of diabetes)

Prediction of optimal treatment (based on patient data from health records)

Keep monitoring your patients on a regular basis

Continuous monitoring device.

Patients share their data continuously in order to improve metabolic control and reduce the risk of complications and mortality.

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