Global Burden of Cancer




New cases



Cancer-related deaths2

Cancer incidence & death by cancer is expected
to increase by > 50% by 2040

What is e-oncology?

E-oncology3 refers to the diverse digital health tools and their potential clinical impacts in oncology at each level of care, including education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Our 5 convictions in oncology

Patient’s journey in oncology needs to be redesigned.

It is a priority to support patients to better live with cancer.

Digital health innovations hold promise for improving quality and experience in oncology care.

Patients are ready to embrace innovative health tools which encourage to adopt “healthy lifestyles” and allow a better follow-up4.

E-oncology tools are designed to simplify your daily life, better monitor your patients and help you make better clinical decisions.

Connected HCP: convictions in oncology

3 main possibilities offered by
digital innovations in oncology


Diagnose cancer more accurately


Cancer types and evolution


Diagnosis and therapeutic choice

Toward precision oncology: aiming to offer the personalized care patients need

Some algorithms can now consider most patient data (classic and complementary: clinical, biological, omic, molecular data and more subtle data such as the environment or lifestyle) and to learn from it.

The processing of this various and complex data by digital sciences (deep learning) makes it possible to obtain a global 360° patient vision, designed to support multiple benefits for patients.

The objective: to offer each patient a personalized treatment, allowing them to optimise their journey at every stage.

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Connected HCP: precision oncology