WeHealth™ Digital Medicine supporting the fight against COVID-19.

As the E-Health department of the independent international pharmaceutical company Servier, WeHealth™ Digital Medicine is actively supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

WeHealth™ Digital Medicine would first and foremost like to thank healthcare professionals all around the world for their abnegation and dedication in fighting COVID-19, often at the cost of their own safety. Our thoughts go to them as well as the communities, families and patients impacted by the consequences of this unprecedented pandemic.

The entire WeHealth™ Digital Medicine team remains mobilized to do whatever possible to reduce exposure for our partners and staff. All of WeHealth™’s business activities remain in place but are now occurring remotely.

WeHealth™ Digital Medicineis also part of a greater commitment from its global entity, Servier, to contribute financially and in kind to the fight against COVID-19. Many Servier initiatives have already taken place to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Servier has provided personal protection equipment to hospitals in affected countries and is making donations to foundations and NGOs. For example, in China, Servier’s subsidiary made a donation to the Chinese Redcross and is providing hospitals from the Shaanxi and Beijing regions with disinfectant and protection products.

In France, Servier’s home country, tens of healthcare professionals employed by Servier have volunteered and have been made available to French health authorities to join medical staff on the front line against the virus. The active ingredients production site, Oril Industrie is producing hydroalcoholic gel that is being distributed to healthcare structures in the Normandie region, including hospitals. A second wave of production is underway to supply smaller structures such as hospices, pharmacies, doctors, nurses and civil protection teams.

The company also brings its expertise to the multi-stakeholders partnership “Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis″ that aims to develop innovative solutions to relieve congestion in the French healthcare system and ensure patients with chronic diseases continue to be treated.

Servier and WeHealth™ Digital Medicine will keep embracing the values of solidarity and do their utmost to ensure the continuity of their production in order for its medicines and digital solutions to remain available to patients who rely on them.