Paris, April 28, 2020 – In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Deeplink Medical, with the support of WeHealth™ Digital Medicine, is launching an e-learning module designed for healthcare professionals. Freely available in French and English, this training program aims to accelerate the diffusion of good imaging diagnostic practices of patients suffering from Covid-19.  

The thoracic scanner has an important role in the diagnosis of Covid-19 and also in the management of patients. This examination helps decide the approach for patients by confirming the diagnosis of lung damage related to Covid-19 or by confirming a differential diagnosis. It therefore contributes to streamlining the sector of “Covid-19 emergencies”. The thoracic scanner also plays a role in the evaluation of the severity of the disease and the monitoring of the lung lesions.

To support healthcare professionals in the current health context, Deeplink Medical, publisher of digital health solutions, has designed, in collaboration with its two partners, Imadis, a medical teleradiology company, and Rise Up, publisher of e-learning platforms, an online radiology training kit on Covid-19. Freely accessible via a web platform, the training program offers interactive, didactic learning, punctuated by quizzes with extremely well-researched answers. The content of the learning pathway draws on more than 30 imaging clinical cases selected from around 3000 scanners managed by Imadis and from the care sector devoted to Covid-19 made available by Deeplink Medical since March 13, 2020.

For a period of 70 minutes, the e-learning module allows the learner to independently manage the training program at their own rhythm.

This very comprehensive e-learning enables healthcare professionals to benefit from a solid radiological training program in the context of Covid-19.

Since being made available on April 6, 2020, about 1 250 health care professionals in France, have already joined the training platform that is also now available in English.

Prof Eric Delabrousse, Head of the Imaging Division, Besançon Regional University Hosiptal Center (CHRU) declared, “My colleagues and I found the training program to be very well done and didactic, the information is pertinent, sourced, and intelligently presented. The iconography is rich and the semiological descriptions are meticulous and adapted. This Covid-19 training program ensures an enjoyable learning process with quizzes and clinical cases, for active participation.”

Adamfa Coulibaly, intern at Poitiers Hospital University Center (CHU) and President of the National Union of Radiology Interns, commented, “The format is interesting, the content is pertinent.
I commend the efforts and I can only recommend it!”

All the medical content produced by Imadis’s medical radiologists was developed as a result of:

  • Feedback on their collaboration with more than 70 health care establishments
  • Guidelines from the French Society of Radiology

WeHealth™ Digital Medicine, the e-health department of the Servier Group, is supporting the initiative of its partner Deeplink Medical[i] by contributing to the deployment of this training program on a global scale.

  Click her to access the radiology training on Covid-19

About WeHealthTM Digital Medicine

Launched in November 2016, WeHealthTM Digital Medicine, the eHealth department of the Servier Group aims to improve the daily lives of patients and health professionals alike using digital means. WeHealthTM Digital Medicineproposes innovative digital and connected solutions and services by making the most of collected data, to ensure better individual monitoring of the patient and to better prevent and predict the evolution of disease. In an open innovative approach, WeHealthTM Digital Medicine identifies the most promising start-ups in e-health, in France and internationally, to co-develop solutions. In this way, WeHealthTM Digital Medicine contributes to the creation of an ecosystem of partners to facilitate and accelerate the development, industrialization and distribution of innovations and to render them accessible to the greatest number.

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About Deeplink Medical

Deeplink Medical is a company created in 2014 based in Lyon, born out of the convergence of the understanding of a medical need (Radiology, oncology etc) and the necessity of a crossfunctional vision. Founded on solid technology and backed by multidisciplinary inhouse teams, Deeplink Medica specializes in the fast and secure creation of web platforms that are adapted to each health speciality.

It was following this observation that ITIS, Deeplink Medical’s first solution devoted to radiology and teleradiology, was born. Today, it is deployed in 80 hospitals and used by nearly 9000 medically active users.

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About Imadis

Imadis is a medical teleradiology company specialized in emergency management, created in Lyon, which has been ensuring the interpretation of imagery examinations in dedicated care centers for more than 10 years. This organization of radiology care centers is unique in Europe. More information is available at:

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About Rise Up

Rise Up is a management platform for innovative training that offers an augmented learning experience for learners. It brings together classroom training and e-learning as well as the creation of content via an authoring tool. Rise Up also has a mobile application available. More information is available at:

[i] Since March 2018, WeHealth™ Digital Medicine & Deeplink Medical have been partners for the co-development and distribution of the ON’COHUB™ solution (MIRIO in France, OCELIAN™ in the US) which is a software that helps in clinical decisions, in SaaS or via installation onsite, and is designed to facilitate the follow-up of the evolution of the size of solid tumors in cancer patients.