Precision medicine means optimized therapeutic benefits through the use of molecular profiling

“The promise of precision medicine is already being realized”.1

Implementation, however, can be highly time – and resource – consuming, despite the use of molecular tumor boards.

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Can be used for any cancer type and stage

Can be agnostic to the testing lab facility used for molecular diagnostics

Can target simultaneously most of the patient’s actionable biomarkers with a minimal number of drugs

Can make evidence-based selections for drug combinations that encompass commonly used cancer treatments, including cytotoxic chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy

How BIONOV™ works ?

Biopsy Procedure

Submit a tissue/liquid biopsy sample for sequencing to identify cancer-causing mutations (Sequencing is performed by a third-party service provider).


Bionov™ Database Analysis

Bionov™uses its software platform to analyze genetic information and compare it with its large database of information from medical experts, other patients, clinical trials, and published data.


Treatment Selections Are Ranked

Factoring in millions of drug combinations and cancer treatment results, Bionov™ generates a report ranking the best Personalized Combination Therapy™ options for each patient. It also identifies—and avoids—treatment combinations that are potentially harmful.


You Make the Final Decision

Review the Bionov™ report and recommend a treatment plan for your patient using the latest targeted treatments available.



Bionov™ is a clinical decision support software intended for healthcare professionals to provide oncologists with treatment options primarily based on molecular profile inputs and disease for their cancer patients.

For more information, please refer to the user manual, available on demand. You can also contact WeHealth™ Digital Medicine or your local representative, if you have one.
EU: Bionov™ is a class I CE marked medical device.
US: Bionov™ is a clinical decision support software, not considered as a medical device, in application to section 520 of 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act).

Bionov™ was previously known as PreciGene®.