Nutrition and chronic diseases

Chronic conditions are long-term diseases existing either as single affections or in comorbid states with multidimensional strategies for their management1,2. Amongst these strategies are dietary interventions and adapted nutrition. Nutrition has long emerged as a tool available to healthcare professionals due to the modifiable nature of diet as risk factor in most chronic diseases3.

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How does DIET&YOU™ work ?

1 – Selection & customization of the nutritional program

– assisted selection of the program adapted to the chronic condition and possibles comorbidities

– customization of the program based on tastes, preferences, food restrictions and life habits

2 – Nutrition support: free, semi-guided or guided

– food-logging (dictation, bare-code, catalog)

– menus (up to 4-week meal plan), recipes, grocery lists

3 – Analyses & reports

– meal analyses (macronutrients, eating behaviour)

– automated generation of report (pdf format) with the record of health data recorded by the patient, meal analyses, personal notes, for later exchanges with healthcare professionals.

For more information, please have a look at the Diet&You nutritional program demo :


DIET&YOU™ is a mobile application designed to help patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemias) to adapt their daily nutrition. Please refer to the instructions for use, also available on request.
For more information, contact WeHealth™ Digital Medicine or your local representative, if you have one.

DIET&YOU™ has no medical claim and is not intended to be a medical device.

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