Do you know what is the heart failure?

Today, approximately 65 million people worldwide* suffer from heart failure. It is estimated that a portion of hospitalizations related to this disease could be prevented by appropriate management; in fact, approximately 50% of patients present clinical signs of a progression of their disease in the 5 days preceding their visit to the emergency room**

*: Datamonitor Healthcare – Chronic Heart Failure – 2016. **: BEH n°41/2012/2012/Archives C Perel*:

How does cardiac remote monitoring with Heartkeeper™ work?

1 – The cardiologist registers his patient in the Heartkeeper™ program.

2 – On regular basis, the patient receives a SMS to answer a health questionnaire (swollen legs, fatigue, breathlessness) and to fill in his or her bodyweight of the day.

3 – In case of potential deterioration of the monitored symptoms, the cardiologist is notified


HEARTKEEPER™ is a web application which allows the remote monitoring of patients suffering from chronic heart failure. Please refer to the instructions for use, also available on demand.

For more information, contact WeHealth™ Digital Medicine or your local representative, if you have one.

EU: HEARTKEEPER™ is a class I CE marked medical device as per MDD 93/42/EEC.

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