WeHealth Logo

was born in 2016 out of a strong conviction: the digital revolution will strongly benefit the healthcare world and patients should be at the center of solutions developed for their care.

WeHealth™Digital Medicine’s multidisciplinary and agile team focuses works towards fulfilling its main objective: offer digital solutions and services based on medical data value with the goal to better monitor, predict, prevent disease evolution and bring about personalized care.

Our 4 objectives
and missions


We seek to improve patients’ daily life and HCPs’ daily activities using innovative digital technologies.


We propose digital solutions as well as services based on data value creation to better monitor, prevent and predict disease evolution.


We use international open innovation to identify and codevelop the best solutions and services.


We want to accelerate the development, industrialization and distribution of these innovations in order to make them accessible to the majority.

Empowering patients and working towards personalized medicine

More informed and more equipped, through solutions such as treatment reminders or online sharing of medical records, patients could be better involved in their health and could act in a new way for a better quality of life1.

Innovations in e-health are designed to improve prevention and adherence, but they also aim to offer patients more adapted and personalized treatment relevant to their specific needs.