Partnership with Deeplink

By March 18, 2018Press release

WeHealth and DEEPLINK MEDICAL, a start-up from Lyon, have formed a partnership to develop innovative data monitoring and sharing software to facilitate communication about patients’ medical records among healthcare professionals.

Its functions enable the prescription, collection, analysis and monitoring of complex radiological data to be standardized and made accessible, in real time, to the medical practitioners concerned. The software will ensure data safety and transparency throughout the process.


This solution should thus facilitate communication between all the practitioners involved in medical supervision and help to improve the support of patients with solid tumors.


“WeHealth by Servier is investing in the design of software to assess patient response to therapy which could considerably optimise the therapeutic monitoring of patients with solid tumors”, declared Dr David Guez, director of WeHealth by Servier. “The first e-health tool dedicated to oncology conducted jointly by Servier, it showcases the Servier Group’s commitment to offering innovative, connected solutions, covering a complete range of therapeutic needs, to provide patients with better support in monitoring their illness.”


The agreement between WeHealth by Servier and DEEPLINK MEDICAL concerns an exclusive world distribution license outside France (including Monaco and France’s overseas possessions and territories).


“This partnership is an important accelerator for our company. The combination of a major group, such as Servier, with the agility of our structure, provides a unique opportunity to target wide-reaching distribution of the tool from the outset. The agreement also means that we can envisage rapid roll-out of this innovative solution on the international market, to the benefit of healthcare professionals and therefore, of their patients.”
Dr Charles Journe, CEO of DEEPLINK MEDICAL


In March 2018, this solution entered the test phase at the Leon-Berard Cancer Centre for Lyon and Rhône-Alpes (France) for a period of 6 months. Its launch on the international market is scheduled for early 2019.