Partnership with Lucine™

By July 18, 2019Press release

WeHealth Digital Medicine and Lucine sign partnership to develop digital therapeutics

WeHealth Digital Medicine and startup Lucine, have announced their joint development partnership and distribution license. This is the first eHealth partnership between two French companies in the field of digital therapeutics.



About Lucine

Lucine is a pioneering French innovative company specializing in digital therapeutics, also known as DTx*. Lucine offers two technologies, LUCINE SCALE and LUCINE CARE and personalized non-medicated care that meets the primary requirements of evidence-based medicine for regulatory and scientific recognition. The chief focus of Lucine, which can conduct preclinical, clinical, and medical-economic validation studies, is patients and their needs.


More information:

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* Therapeutic solution delivered by software to treat/prevent/relieve symptoms and/or disease.