Optimize cancer patients’ follow-up with a collaborative e-solution

An interoperable web-based platform designed to facilite data collection & management in solid tumors follow-up

ON’COHUB™ presentation


What about a software that could enhance homogeneity and connection between oncologists and the radiologists?

With a standardize data collection of solid tumor evolution, following international guidelines, ON’COHUB™ is a solution that focuses on the patient journey to improve trial and routine practice.

How does ON’COHUB™ work?


Expected benefits


Data standardization

Data collection according to international guidelines (RECIST 1.1, i-RECIST, new criteria indevelopment)
Generate standardized and automated reports

Real-time sharing capabilities

Immediate access to treatment response data
Access granted to the practicing medical team


Adapted for patients in clinical trials and routine
Access to patient’s treatment history

1- Provided access to adequate internet connections.